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Resist the Empire - A libertarian view of the Star Wars universe

Jun 13, 2017

Someone uses force against Rancho Obi-Wan, we talk some Star Wars gaming news, we tackle a fly on the wall for our quiz, and we review something other than the Rebels animated series!

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Rendering of one of the aliens seen on Ahch-to: 

Donald Glover's Lando mustache:

Tatooine Times

Star Wars Pinball Revealed: First Gameplay Video, Hi-Res Screens

The Holonet    

Immigration arrest at Nashville courthouse latest in national trend 

Galaxy's Smallest Political Quiz

Character: Watto, a male Toydarian junk dealer/human trafficker, who owned a shop in Mos Espa, Tatooine.

Rebels Review    

Episode 15 Season 1: Fire Across the Galaxy  

Star Wars Comics: Skywalker Strikes


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