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Resist the Empire - A libertarian view of the Star Wars universe

Mar 4, 2017

In the inaugural episode of Resist the Empire, we are learning the ropes and talking about education. We talk about our backgrounds and we define libertarianism, then we move into a discussion of education in the Jedi Academy. Next, we dissect Yoda to find out if he was a libertarian and bring you news from the Star Wars cannon on the latest Star Wars Rebels episode and at the last book in the Aftermath trilogy.

The Holonet

The Jedi Academy is essentially a school for aspiring Jedi. Is it propaganda and indoctrination like our current education system? In many ways, yes.

Did the Jedi violate the non-aggression principle by kidnapping younglings to join the Jedi Order? This depends on your ideas of consent and the age of consent. Can children consent to something like this?

Galaxy's Smallest Political Quiz

This week we break down Yoda on the Galaxy's Smallest Political Quiz to find out where he fits in the political spectrum. Yoda was the consummate teacher, having taught hundreds, or even thousands of Jedi in his time at the Jedi Academy, but was he a libertarian?

Tatooine Times

Star Wars Rebels is back from its break, and it was kicked off with a great episode, Legacy of Mandalore.

The last book in the Aftermath trilogy books is out: Aftermath: Empire's End.